Explicit Design

Reunited and it feels so good as we make love over and over like we knew we would. Our moans become whispers of our love for one another, drenching the sheets, you’re my perfect lover. Recreating these memories we’ve held on to for so long, envisioning these moments with every dvsn song. Writing your own verse with your lips on my skin, then I climb on top of you to draw out your lyrics from within. Of course, my love, you make my eyes roll to another dimension,  then I release all of this anticipation and built up tension. Rolling over with your waist against mine, you continue our love story with explicit design.



He fell for you so you must be great or at least good enough for his time

But it’s me paying for your mistakes as if I did the crime

See, you’re making this hard on us because he thinks of you when he looks at me

You occupy his heart and I’m on stand-by with no guarantee

I’m held captive by his comparisons to you with everything I do

The pain he holds, I wish I could take away or undo

I can’t have an attitude without him being disgusted

And his mind always wonders because with you he mistrusted

He misses you because those six years took a toll on his heart

So I just wait patiently at his side trying to play my part

I often wonder if he will leave me and return to your arms

You’ve done it before, played the victim – used your beauty and charm

I get it, he’s amazing and you still haven’t given up

Watching him and I from afar has to be rough

I wouldn’t wish that feeling on my worst enemy

And I’d never consider that to be your identity

So believe me when I say, I get it… I do

Because now, loving this man is a Catch-22



snapchat-889665432-e1500823238992.jpgWhen the sun paints the sky with that cotton-candy smudge I’ll forever think of you and the only time you opened up to me…

“How you were just what I needed when I needed it. How I couldn’t believe I had another chance with you and how I told myself I would take full advantage of this new opportunity. How warm I feel when you look at me. Everything I feel when I look at you. How your lips feel perfect against mine. How I could feel your skin warm as I got closer to you. Your taste. Your scent. How comfortable I felt around you. How all of these things I never felt before from one person.”

Four Chambers

I wasted too much time in four chambers

I grew tired of the place I used to roam.
This place became my home… my broken home.
I was comforted by the never ending “Lub-Dub” which translated as “Stay.”
The circulation, the cycle, it took the pain away.
“Baby, I love you.” – you’d say after the rapid beating
Rips of the chamber walls, disintegrating… depleting
Now the air is thicker than any contents of this place
There are only shallow puddles in each chamber’s base
The waste land where valves once flourished
Became stretched and worn out… malnourished
Giving my all got me nowhere fast
I’m still picking up the pieces of this heart’s past.


I never really asked for love, but here it is. I never really asked for space, but it’s at my fingertips. I never really asked for much, but I gave a lot. I never really asked to wait, but I gave it a shot. I never really asked to be let down, but I feel it coming. I never really asked to give up, but I’m close to running.

Thirty Days

Thirty days hath my heart to dwell in fears while we’re apart. Thirty days hath my soul to long for things I can’t control.  Thirty days hath my mind to wonder if you will still be mine.  Thirty days hath my body to crave you when I’m feeling naughty. Thirty days hath my fingertips to forget how it felt to trace your lips.

Summer Blossom

That way you curl your lip up, with sensuality, as if you like what you see when you’re looking at me. Take me by the hand, lead me to your room, feeling the pulses now, anticipating you making my lady flower bloom. Discover my skin with your perfectly soft lips as I chase miles of chills with my figertips. They leap from my skin to be introduced to yours as I envision the pleasure with the stamina that endures. In an arch we meet as I form a coil with my toes and draw the sheet to my mouth to muffle any falsettos. Roaming across your muscles in admiration then look up at your lip gently bitten in exhilaration. My eyes navigate to the abyss, I gather my focus, it’s my turn to bring your body to bliss. Pressure on your hips, I place my hands on your chest, thoughts become words “it’s yours” I attest. Waves of my appreciation flow freely to your head as I’m shaking and moaning- we both know what’s ahead. To no avail I refrain from clawing at your skin as my eyes roll back again and again. You help my frozen body back to a useable state then back at it again after we rotate.