Hopes, Dreams & Unwanted Things!

Creativity is my curse. I’m not saying that I would rather not be creative. I just know that creativity has more side effects than I ever imagined. Researchers even say that creative people are more likely to have psychological disorders. I doubt it would get that far with me, but I do notice things that have changed over the years. Here are my top five issues (there are way too many to list) with being creative in no specific order.

  1. Headaches are more common than not. I feel like my mind has 5983475234967 thoughts per minute. I think about everything imaginable. When I think too much my head spins and it doesn’t go away unless I watch a movie or take a nap.
  2. Daydreaming is at an all time high. I spend most of my free time wondering about the choices I’ve made or possible outcomes for thought-up scenarios that will probably never even occur.
  3. Satisfaction seems to be a distant word, make-believe. One of the biggest things I suffer from is thinking about my future. I have come to accept that I will probably not be marrying the “man of my dreams.” (However, I’m absolutely POSITIVE the man I marry will be everything I want in a man minus the unrealistic expectations). This would be somebody who was detailed in romance, somebody who thought about being romantic as much as I do. I dream of a man who wants to express every bit of emotion he has about me in ways that would make me want to tell the world. That’s what I intend to do at least. I dream of having the type of relationship where we both feel lucky honored to be with each other. But hey, that’s for the scripted movies and fairy tales. My current boyfriend is pretty freakin’ awesome and he’s not super lovey dovey. But geez, if he was I’d probably be head over heels by now. Probably a good thing he isn’t…. Moving forward!
  4. Settling is something I am forced to do. I settle for friends who don’t think like me and awkward relationships with some family members who don’t understand me. I settle for simply knowing that people sometimes feel threatened by creative individuals. I have had guys be so intrigued by my mind, only for them to find out that I’m more than they bargained for and leave because they couldn’t “deal” with my thought process (I’m sure I’m not as bad as that sounds).
  5. Giving has become an obsession. It isn’t the giving part that I have an issue with it is the obsession part. I always think up creative things I can do for people and I find myself always wanting to do more for the people I care about. Only, sometimes I talk myself out of it because some people might think of these gestures as awkward. I have serious urges to do things for people I don’t know (or barely know). During my freshman year in college, I lived in the dorms. On Valentine’s day, I taped valentines cut-outs to every door on my floor saying things like: “You’re beautiful, smile!”

At then end of the day, I love my creativity. If people understood that the reason I do certain things is due to my creativity, living with this trait might be easier. I’ll deal with things though! I like being able to believe in things that others can’t. I like daydreaming because it makes life interesting. I enjoy doing things for others. I love creativity.


A Dream is a Wish… No Wait…

I have a hard time understanding why people associate the word dreams with goals. The backwards thing is, is that dreams are involuntary while goals are something that a person works to achieve. I believe the concept of a dream, being something that is random and somewhat unknown, has been taken out of context. What about the ever popular Disney quote: A dream is a wish your heart makes. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do not believe that zombie who killed my dog just moments before I bashed his brains in with an enormous ice pick last night in my dream was not a wish made by my heart…

Rent A Dream!

Imagine being able to wake up and re-watch those dreams you can’t seem to remember.

It would be really neat if dreams could be locked in a vault. Every person had their personal vault and it appeared somewhat like a RedBox movie rental machine. The dreams could not be created, only replayed.

To choose your dream, you used your hand print as a password and you could scan through all of your dreams by the date they were dreamt and even by categories.

I visualized being able to view the dreams that were dreamt since the day we were born, or even beforehand. I wish this was real. I would spend all of my free time watching dreams.

Viewing other people’s dreams without consent would be illegal. I know there could be some problems with dream rentals. I’m sure marriages would end if it wasn’t illegal to view your spouse’s dreams (seriously). I also believe a lot of inventions would come from this. I know I dream of things I wish were real…

… Keep Dreaming.

Sorry, You Are Not an Instant Winner.

There are many disadvantages of being an outgoing, decent-looking (although most people would say that’s much too modest), good-hearted person. I am often used for what I have and what I am willing to give. I am often considered overly approachable. However, the worst situation I am in, is wanting to be friends with people (guys) who feel like they automatically deserve more.

A cereal box and I have a few things in common.

We both have that nutritional but not-so-tasty filling that is worth eating only because of the scrumptious treats and prizes that are scarce and often hidden. We both put forth our best display of catchy sayings and cute pictures that is not used to mislead, but only enlarged to show the detail of our finer inner parts and to draw the attention of our targeted audience. One of our downfalls is unconsciously leading that audience into deception. We often offer an interesting or appealing opportunity that often beckons our audience to buy into the chance of having that opportunity for themselves.

Without reading the fine print, without finding out their chances, guys often take a leap of faith by buying into my appearance or by buying into my friendliness thinking they have a better chance at being more than what I intend on them to be. I wish a simple, “Sorry You Are Not an Instant Winner” could suffice for the time and effort they think they have put into what they wanted out of the situation.

In my opinion, the initial meeting of two individuals should not be an investigation or examination of the other person. More often than not, pressure arises in these situations causing chaos and confusion. Instead of buying the cereal for the CHANCE of a prize, more people should buy it for its nutritional value.

The “Friend Zone” Myth

The “friend-zone” is a myth. There is no such thing. Sure, we wish certain people would take more interest in us than they do. Sure, we often find ourselves liking somebody on a different level than they like us. That’s life. That is what happens regardless of gender. Its been happening forever and will never end.

The phrase “Nice guys finish last” was made up because somebody couldn’t live with being number two. Was he nicer than Guy #1? Who knows. Who are we to tell somebody else that we are better for them than another person? Who are we to get upset just because somebody doesn’t want to be with us? Okay, we get emotional every now and then, but we always bounce back and if you never bounce back you’re a coward.

Look at it like this. You go to apply for a job. While waiting to be called into the office, you notice another guy (or girl) waiting as well. Imagine that person appearing (looking) as if they didn’t put the time and effort you did to make a good impression. You strut into the interview wearing your best business-professional attire with your detailed resume in hand. A few weeks later, you get a call informing you that the other person was hired.

Instantly, you’re “salty.” You know, in your mind, that you were better for that job than them because you appeared best. Not knowing the potential this person has behind the walls of the company (the personal relationship they may have with the person you are interested in) and without knowing the other person had the better resume with better experience and better personal qualities, you then criticise the whole job out of emotional disruption and, further, you avoid the company altogether. You’ll never step a foot into this company’s territory because you have the feelings of being “let down” or “ashamed.”

Okay. Where does this leave you? Where does getting all upset about something you can control leave you? How about you take that loss. Channel that energy into bettering yourself, learning from that experience, and working toward a better resume for an even better job (being a better man or woman for another individual that may be a better option). If this company is a local company that you’re familiar with (or if this person is somebody you’ve been friends with for a while), why don’t you keep in touch with that company (person) and learn reasons why you weren’t “qualified” enough?

Don’t be weak. Isn’t it true that we learn from experiences? Yes. This goes back to psychology class when you leaned the difference between innate and learned behavior. Bottom line is, life goes on. I’m not going to want to stop being somebody’s friend just because they don’t like me like I like them. If somebody stops being my friend because I don’t see them as more than a friend, I view them as a weak-minded individual. Sure, it may be hard to watch them be happy with somebody else and if they call you with their relationship problems don’t be scared to say something along the lines of, “Look, I think you should call somebody else and get their opinion because mine would be incredibly biased and I would rather talk to you about things that don’t deal with your love life if that is possible, but I do wish you the best of luck.” Simple.

Life goes on.

That’s probably the best way to put it. Feelings come and go. Friends, also, come and go. Also, if he/she is your “friend” and you’re taking initiative by buying them things or taking them out, let them know your intentions. Not everybody catches hints. You’ll be the one paying for not calling them “surprises” instead of friendly gifts or for saying “you want to catch a movie, I’m bored” instead of using the word “date.”  Ultimately, It’s best to look at situations in the most positive way possible. Is it always easy? No, but being a crybaby about situations and blaming somebody else isn’t the most commendable of things to do.