imagesNecessary passion, unavoidable pain
When it comes to love what can we gain?
Someone to hold
Someone to see
You take a heart seized with a key
Races of truth with no finish line
Cheating your way – through the darkness I shine
I know the reason you do what you do
You say what you say, but I know the truth
Falling shadows upon the curves of your smile
It’s fake, obviously, only around for a while
Recollect your arms and fix them to me
Hold them here, not there
I’ll show you- you’ll see
You step to the left, broken from the right
Promises untied, loosened – you lied
Your fear is known but your problems unseen
To the untrained eye, I see what you mean


A Field Full of You


I ran in a field full of you, and I fell.. down on my knees and everything went black. So black, it took me back to before I knew you and I was writing down my emotions but the paper was blank. I got scared so I woke back up but before I opened my eyes I heard you laugh. I smiled and simultaneously reached out and felt your hand grasp mine. I was assisted to my feet and finally opened my eyes to meet your chest. Then you tilted my chin up so my eyes could meet yours and they whispered a silent “Hello.”

Inevitable Loss

The things you say don’t matter because the things that matter the most, you don’t say. I never thought I’d see the day when what mattered to me the most, went away. To search and wonder, like where your glasses misplaced and the panic and sudden drop of your heart into the bottomless pit of your stomach when you find out it’s over, really over. Those are two different feelings. When a search becomes an inevitable loss and my mind becomes up in the air, I tossed it like a white girl’s hair. It stays hovering over endless possibilities and refuses to settle for less. I’m blessed with my mind, it is unique, undefined. And that’s what matters the most to me…

something you’ll never grasp or see.head-in-the-clouds

Simple Anxiety

I often get anxiety when I think about my future. I think about things beginning with “What if…” which never results in any good feelings because my past tells me that the good “what ifs” are merely a dream that could be shot down. Instead of having anxiety of my future, I’m learning to accept that there is no way I can create my future and have nothing go wrong. There is no way my future will be as perfect as I want it to be. I have to realize that the thing I have anxiety with, is the past.

It is what I have been through previously that bothers me. The possibility of reliving the past is what causes the most anxiety.


Getting rid of anxiety is a process, a challenge.

The Tiny Ones


When I was young, I used to think that there were little men inside of traffic lights. I thought they would push the buttons to allow cars to move through intersections. I think about how creative my mind was back then. I also used to think tiny men were inside of street lights and the lights inside of parking lots. I just figured they lived there and did their job. I believed they travelled in those remote-controlled helicopters that my brother played with and even drove remote-controlled cars.

I miss the days when my mind was free to believe what it wanted to. I miss living without boundaries of the truth surrounding my ideas.

Love Number One

Thicker than water, colder than ice
Let it flow from my veins
No more rolling the dice
I’m a victim of my fears
The river burns from my own tears
Salty – more sorry than ever before
More regret, more pain, it’s over, I’m sore.
If life gave me lemons, what would I do?
Recreate the world and make it perfect for you.
I’d make the oceans out of your tears, the wind out of your laughter.
I’d make the sun shine down on bad days, even those following after.
I’d make love a word you’d never regret.
I’d make God somebody I had known, his presence, I’ve met.
I’d create a land for all of your journeys, the places you want to visit, and all the people to see.
I pray their culture would inspire you to do great things.
If you only knew how many miles I’d go…
The things I’d take back, how much room there is to grow.
Nobody’s perfect, think back to Adam and Eve.
I wish you thought I was worth it, your love I’d receive.
I’d let my pain be a sacrifice to take yours away
And pray that my memory in your heart would remain.
Forgive my mistakes even though I know they can’t be taken back,
But everything else the past relationships lacked.
You’re only a fool if you don’t learn from your mistakes…alone
I’ve learned mine, but so much is at stake.
It’s easier to let go, and wish you the best of luck with every other mountain you climb.
I know I brought the pain, I committed the crime.
All I can give you is time, if you’ll put your hand in mine and don’t ask why.
Let’s forget the hard way, look to the sky and ask God to help us take the road less traveled by


Samantha the Philosopher



We all know that one person who hasn’t had a successful relationship but will try to give you advice about how to manage yours. What about that person who has seen very few troubles in their life but feels as if they know the best way for another person to move on from a tough situation? Think about that person who depends on others and sometimes even needs to hold someone’s hand to get through things but will always try to give you advice on being independent and making it in the world on your own. That person is meThe best advice I have never taken is the advice I give others.

 I think it is interesting to listen to what these types of people, such as myself, have to say. Sometimes they speak on philosophical issues, even if they have not experienced it first-hand, because that is what they have learned or something they have adapted to in their culture. What one person deems “normal,” another person may view it as “immoral” or “unrealistic” and so on.

woman-looking-at-notes-e1304947047849   “When there is a difficulty, make a distinction.”

People tend to use diverse systematic approaches. What works for one person may not work for another. This is where, I believe, we learn a lot about what “type” of person we are. Personally, I give advice that I only WISH I could take or would have taken. I learn a lot about myself from the things I say to other people. Sometimes I don’t think about a way to cope with things until I’m talking to a person who is coping with something that is worse than what I have been through.

Many people will be quick to judge and say things like, “Who are you to give advice?” While passing this judgement on that person can be justified, you may find that they possess knowledge about something you never knew you never knew.

Advice is merely an opinion intended for guidance.