Character Traits

I’m sitting at work right now and I was trying to come up with something to write about. It is not that it is hard for me to write, I just have so many ideas I don’t know which to choose. Usually, I get all of my ideas while I’m in the shower. Then again, who doesn’t have those philosophical moments while in the shower. Anyway, I printed off a list of character traits from the internet and decided to mark the ones that I thought described me the best. Out of 282 possible words, I marked 81 words. I also asked three of my friends to choose ten from the list that best described me (Friend #3 knew me the least).


  • Friend #1 chose six traits that were not included in the 81 I marked for myself.
  • Friend #2 chose four traits that were not included in the 81 I marked for myself.
  • Friend #3 chose seven traits that were not included in the 81 I marked for myself.

As I’m sitting here thinking about the outcome of this little experiment. It is hard for someone to predict the way other people see them. It was pretty amazing to take the time out and see what character traits other people associate with me. However, it is easy for me to look at the choices they made and see specific examples of why they may have said those things. Every person I encounter may associate me with memories that we share. Some memories may be good while others may be not-so-good. I worry a lot about people’s view of me. Not because I value their opinion but one of my biggest fears is disappointing people. I don’t want to have lingering conflicts with anyone when they could easily be resolved.

Asking people what character traits they think best describe me allows me to get a better understanding of not only what they see but what they admire or look down on the most. It is a good measure of what is important to them as well. Personally, I chose traits that I loved about myself and traits I wanted to change about myself. I chose “Immature” because sometimes when I do physics work I will pout and whine about not wanting to do it. I chose “Moody” because my mood changes a lot, and I hate it. Also, I’m sure the more people I asked who were close to me, the more honest answers I’d receive. For example, Friend #2 knows me very well. This explains the “moody” and “opinionated” choices.

I have realized that most of my self-proclaimed negative traits are often balanced by traits that are positive. I marked “Cold Hearted” and “Compassionate” because I know examples where I have shown both character traits. Overall, I’m glad I was able to reflect on my character traits today.



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