I am at Peace

Peaceful_Spring_by_PhilipMatthewsI am at peace. I have shaken off the dirty, grudge-soaked roots of my soul and ran them under a crisp, cool stream full of faith and redemption. I have carried them far, far away from the low valley that has been darkened to the deepest shade of purplish grey with grief.  My healer has shown me the path to a place where I can thrive amongst the beautiful, new, blossoming people. We are united here. I am breathing a new, heavenly air that I have never inhaled so sincerely. A joyous vibe travels through my veins and curls my toes at the rapturous sound of peace. I tiptoe across the miles of love that have been cast all around me, engulfing my fears in unmeasurable amounts. My dreams have sprouted wings and my shoulders point to the sky at the most upward point as my chin tilts up because my sense of self-worth has never been more apparent.


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