Blunt Force Depression


It happens when I think to much.
It happens when I can’t talk about how I feel.
It happens when people don’t tell me how they feel.
It happens when I crave interaction but I can’t have it.
It happens when I don’t have anything to do.
It happens all of the sudden and doesn’t end until it is finished eating away at me.


Don’t Think I Don’t Notice.


Don’ t you dare think I don’t notice the fact that you accept apologies you’ve never received. Don’t believe for a second I didn’t see how you loved so hard – you refused to leave. Don’t assume I don’t examine the way you are kind and gentle with your touch. Do not EVER envision that I do not take witness the way you care so much. Please don’t be convinced that your sacrifices have gone unnoticed. Do not sense that I do not detect and appreciate your focus. Do not imagine that I don’t peep the way you would rather spend time together than being social. Don’t speculate the chance that I don’t perceive you being hopeful.

Don’t think I didn’t notice that you never observed these things in me.

Don’t think I didn’t foresee that the things I do, did, and have done will remain unseen.

Write About a Stranger

I was walking toward a beautiful stranger. He was more attractive then most guys I have ever seen, but in the overlooked kind of way. He was the kind of guy most girls wouldn’t look at twice because they couldn’t see what I see. He wasn’t fully appreciated.  My mind didn’t hesitate when I noticed how his jawline seemed perfectly chiselled and structured as if it was moulded from the jaw of Chris Pine. I had my lips tucked firmly against each other in the seemingly hopelessly effort to conceal the extremely loud thoughts from rolling off of my tongue and leaping and bounding from my lips as I noticed the sleeves of his shirt caressing his well-defined muscles. Then, back up, I fixed my eyes upon his lips. Oh! The symmetrical shape of the osculation tools. In no time, I was gazing at his eyes. They were dark and mysterious. If I had the opportunity to speak, I wouldn’t. I couldn’t ruin the mystery. I couldn’t be let down again. I wouldn’t take that chance.