Note #1



Woody Vs. Buzz


Let’s face it, we are all confronted with difficult decisions in our lives that have us weighing pros and cons of both sides to come up with the seemingly best outcome of those decisions. These choices may come natural or they may take time whether you are making a decision about which job offer to take, which big event to attend, who to give your heart to, or in Andy’s case, which toy to take to college.

For some reason, while watching Ryan Leslie’s video for “How it was Supposed to be,” I made the connection between the specific moment when the woman in the video chose to leave with another man over the artist and the moment when Andy was faced with the difficult decision to take Woody to college instead of Buzz.

I faced a similar situation when I started to get feelings for a new guy, but I found out that new feelings are never the best feelings, and even when that cool new space ranger comes along… that sheriff/cowboy is the one you hope to spend the rest of your years with.

The First String

acoustic_guitar_wallpaper_hd_wide-HDThose fingers, those blessed fingers startle my flesh and instill an erection of my skin forming tiny little bumps that I feel as I gently raise my dress and brush my fingertips across my thigh. The strumming continues as my smiling lips recite the words so softly so I can’t be heard singing along. My right eye begins to spring a leak as the song is played and it will remain a mystery how someone picked the song my heart was longing to hear as if their heart heard my request. It remains a bold memory in my mind, but to them, I remain a distressed recollection of a disappointment.



What can you bring to the table for a man who has everything already on his plate? What part of him can you satisfy that hasn’t already been satisfied on a previous date? What are you worth? What does he see? Does he know that the woman I see in the mirror will never be me? And does he know that I’ll never be satisfied?

Because I know I’ll never be what he wants to see.