Burj-Khalifa-640x480People say if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. Well, if that is true, my dreams must be colossal. My dreams but be so enormous that they could effortlessly leap over the Burj Khalifa in Dubai or lackadaisically go sightseeing in the cosmic web. Too-large-to-imagine or larger-than-life are phrases I would use to describe my dreams if their sizes were based on the amount of fear or anxiety they produce.

I feel like I cannot breathe without thinking. I cannot close my eyes without seeing the burning images and flashbacks of important documents, my GRE scores, applications to graduate school, my GPA, and lessons from the physics classes I have taken that will forever haunt my mind. I wake up and check the observations and reference verifications of my application process, only to see “New” or “Not Verified” screaming in my face. I am rushing. Rushing to get somewhere that I have been dreaming about since I began high school.


Take it or Leave it


Dear Mister,
I bet you’re not ready for war yet.
How does it feel to not even have your feet wet?
Nothing invested, no time given but you’re okay with it
You are a sometimes-man, You don’t give what you get.
Run away when things go bad
Take what you want and leave what you had
What I fell in love with isn’t real, I see.
On the count of three I’m runnin’ back to my fantasy.
One – Once upon a time things felt real.
Now you’re just ready to make up with the next plea deal.
Two times you said we will work on what was broken
Only willing to work when it’s my love I’m revokin’ 
Three – You’re up against something that stands undefeated
Make your choice now… Take it or Leave it.