It IS possible to know what you have before it’s gone.

Somehow, these discoveries can only be made if your eyes are open. If your heart is full… and your arms,too, are open. I saw you coming with my eyes, felt my heart growing, and held onto you for some time. Mystery lies beneath the layers of uncertainty. Love lies beneath the layers of possibility. Pain lies beneath the layers of quality. Somewhere between the layers of weirdness and dysfunctionality, you grasped my sanity. You understood me, paving the way to truthfulness. Along the way I combined hope with fear, brilliantly conducting scenarios.

Towards the present I stood.

My mind spoke to me at a lightning pace, all I could hear was miles of run-on thoughts crashing together like waves on the ship lost at sea.

Whose ship?

Uncertain’s ship.

Sailing away.

Going, going gone.



The Curse

I love who you are so far and that’s scary
The thought of that word in my vocabulary
I wish I could ignore you but I can’t
I wish I could hold your hand and we’d dance
Dance in a way that’s unseen but what I really mean is…
I’m infatuated.
Crazed by the way you understand
Blessed to have you as a friend
You like my mind but it’s a curse
And what you DON’T know… hurts the worst
Bet you don’t know I stress daily
Memories and Contrasts make me; I am the way I am.
I am the way I am because I’m too strong
I’m so strong; I carry all my weaknesses on my back
I’d even pick up on the things you lack
-to carry…. My mind is a riddle and I can’t seem to find
-the answers… all of the questions arrive
Sixty miles an hour and no time to breathe
And as soon as you leave…
My mind rewinds and I press replay because you are the reason for my smile today.