Initially Categorized

In my daydream, people became categorized by the first initial of their first name. However, it was more than just being categorized. What if the name you were given at birth had everything to do with the outcome of your life?



Every individual whose name started with an “A” was ¬†slightly more apt to succeed and go on to do great things when compared to somebody whose name began with a “B.” Further, the individuals with first names beginning with “A” through “K” were the people who are looked up to the most. They go on to live happy, long, successful lives.
Those people somewhere in the middle are just regular people. Paycheck to paycheck people. People you pass on the street people. My people. Your people. Our people.
Peoples’ whose names began with “R” weren’t necessarily bad people, but more inclined to a lazy life. These people were often unfaithful, dishonest, clumsy or rude in nature and were most likely only tolerated, not enjoyed.
Those with initials falling after “W” were born with, or would acquire, significant disabilities and impairments, live a life of crime, or would die before the age of 50. These are also people who are associated with bad drug habits and poor quality genes.

This would probably make an interesting short story.