Criminal Love

I just had a dream that I was in some store and my brother yelled, “Somebody stop him!” I jumped on this guy’s back and I wrestled him to the ground. When he got up, I just kept hitting him and he was hitting me. Then I got him outside while somebody was calling the cops, and I hit him in the knee with a baseball bat. He couldn’t run anymore. So we started talking. He was so handsome and he thought I was beautiful. He told me why he did whatever he did, and it was a really good reason. We fell in love instantly. Then, the cops came. He ran and I was yelling, “Noooo! Don’t run!” So, he came back and apologized to everybody. He got in the back of the cop car and looked at me one last time. We never knew each other’s names. The end.


Never Afraid

I used to think that I could never leave you. It wasn’t because you were such a good person or that the love that we shared was so strong. It was not honestly even about you. Walking away from you isn’t as hard as walking away from “us.” I was never afraid of walking away from you or leaving you or to stop trying to be with you. It was always about “us.” It was my fear of not having the chance of “us” anymore.