Every now and then I can put something together in writing, but it feels forced nowadays.

Sometimes it feels like I’m only using certain portions of my brain. For example, school is just repetition (the building block of learning) and regurgitation… and afterwards RETAINING the information. In professional school, so much informtation is obtained and required to be retained. So when it comes tome for my creative juices to flow, it is as if those juices are locked up in other chambers – being more useful elsewhere. When I finally get free time, those juices that WOULD be in my creativity chamber are soaked up by other things. And its like that for everything like the mind chamber of patience or the mind chamber of relaxation.

This  metaphor works for the heart too.

I LOVE writing, but my love is being stretched this way and that-a-way.

Romantic love pulls left and love for good grades pulls right, and love for my family and wanting to be around them pulls upward, and love for sleep and laughter pulling downward, and love for miscellaneous pulling foward and all the slack thats left avaliable for the backward pulling creativity is slim to none.

Sometimes, I don’t mind. My heart is big enough to carry this burden.