Summer Blossom

That way you curl your lip up, with sensuality, as if you like what you see when you’re looking at me. Take me by the hand, lead me to your room, feeling the pulses now, anticipating you making my lady flower bloom. Discover my skin with your perfectly soft lips as I chase miles of chills with my figertips. They leap from my skin to be introduced to yours as I envision the pleasure with the stamina that endures. In an arch we meet as I form a coil with my toes and draw the sheet to my mouth to muffle any falsettos. Roaming across your muscles in admiration then look up at your lip gently bitten in exhilaration. My eyes navigate to the abyss, I gather my focus, it’s my turn to bring your body to bliss. Pressure on your hips, I place my hands on your chest, thoughts become words “it’s yours” I attest. Waves of my appreciation flow freely to your head as I’m shaking and moaning- we both know what’s ahead. To no avail I refrain from clawing at your skin as my eyes roll back again and again. You help my frozen body back to a useable state then back at it again after we rotate.


for your heart

​I feel like your protector. Or maybe I’m just an investor for your time. You seem so innocent, the way you fall asleep at the drop of a dime. How is your peacefullness a symphony? How did my feelings grow so easily out of their infancy? While you’re asleep, I tell you my secrets. Everything from my fears to how I’d give you my allegiance. You’ve got a lot on your plate, so I know I’ve got to wait. And if I’m not the path you select…. please know… I would never interject. This thing is so very beautiful. I hope you know… you deserve someone suitable 

                                   – for your heart.