He fell for you so you must be great or at least good enough for his time

But it’s me paying for your mistakes as if I did the crime

See, you’re making this hard on us because he thinks of you when he looks at me

You occupy his heart and I’m on stand-by with no guarantee

I’m held captive by his comparisons to you with everything I do

The pain he holds, I wish I could take away or undo

I can’t have an attitude without him being disgusted

And his mind always wonders because with you he mistrusted

He misses you because those six years took a toll on his heart

So I just wait patiently at his side trying to play my part

I often wonder if he will leave me and return to your arms

You’ve done it before, played the victim – used your beauty and charm

I get it, he’s amazing and you still haven’t given up

Watching him and I from afar has to be rough

I wouldn’t wish that feeling on my worst enemy

And I’d never consider that to be your identity

So believe me when I say, I get it… I do

Because now, loving this man is a Catch-22



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