Samantha Hope

I never cared for Prince Charming or Cinderella’s Castle as a young girl. 

I grew up with grass-stained blue jeans and Pokemon cards. I was the toughest little girl, forced to wear dresses, but I’d ride my skateboard after school  I would play Dungeons and Dragons with my big brother and run into the house from the school bus to watch a brand new episode of Dragon Ball Z. I stayed out late playing basketball with the boys up the street. Guys would always flirt and I would just brush them off because they didn’t mean much to me. I was the girl who got along with everybody. I was the teacher’s pet in high school and sometimes the class clown. I was the girl who never thought once about getting married and never thought twice about being on my own. I never fully looked at the world for what it is.

Then, I grew up. Yuck.

I’m an “adult.” Which I don’t like to admit to because it doesn’t sound much fun. I feel like I wasted my childhood following my brother’s lead and my parent’s standards. Now that I am my own person, and I have made my own mistakes… I feel like I am truly living life. I am grasping my goals by their roots, shaking off the dirt and putting them in a new greenhouse so the seasons can’t sway my stance on life. I am a blessed individual with a new zest for the future. Those things called dreams? They’re my everything.

Hopelessly Ever After is my journal, my vision, and my way of life. Through the ups, downs, and in-betweens… I will dream.  


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